What is bubble tea?

What is bubble tea?


What is bubble tea?

Bubble tea is such a new phenomena in the UK, European & USA market, that many people think this is a new drink. This is actually not true, because bubble tea originated in Taipei, Taiwan back in the 1980s.

So what is bubble tea exactly?

Bubble tea, also known as: (boba, boba tea, bubble milk tea and pearl milk tea) has evolved somewhat over the years but in essence still remains very much a Taiwanese-based drink containing different types of tea. Each drink then has a form of dessert added to the drink, which drops to the bottom of the cup. An example of which is tapioca balls, fruit jellies and popping fruit bubbles.

Here at bubble over for example, we are famous for our Hokkaido milk tea with Boba, which is unique to our shop throughout the whole of Europe.

Hokkaido Milk Tea with Boba
Hokkaido Milk Tea with Boba – (our #1 Bestseller)

Each drink is usually mixed with a flavouring, a powder, and some form of sweetener such as a fructose or syrup.

Examples of tea contained in bubble tea are: Assam black tea, Jasmine Green tea and Oolong Tea to name the most popular.

What is bubble tea 3

Many shops also use either whole milk or condensed milk. Here at bubble boba, we prefer to use a Soya-based non-dairy creamer for better health reasons as we feel that whole milk contains too many hormones, and condensed milk contains far too much sugar and calories.

In terms of variants of bubble tea drink these days, you will most often find the following types of drink in each shop:

  • Milk Teas
  • Flavoured Milks
  • Fruit Teas

Here at bubble boba, we actually created our own unique bubble tea drinks, which, you will not find elsewhere, these are:

  • Bubble Tea Milkshakes
  • Cheesecake milkshakes
  • Bubble Tea Mocktails

What is bubble tea - mocktails

In terms of pudding, jelly and popping bubbles, most bubble tea shops stock around 6 to 8 types; the most popular being: egg custard, red bean, lychee jelly, coconut jelly, mango, strawberry, lychee, and Kiwi popping bubbles.

What is bubble tea?

At Bubble Boba, we stock anywhere from 20-24 flavours of pudding, jelly and popping bubbles. Some of our most popular popping fruit bubbles are: Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Lychee, Cherry, Kiwi, Passionfruit & Pineapple.

What Is Bubble Tea Popping Bubbles

So what is bubble tea? To summarise, in the most part, bubble tea is a drink, made up of tea, milk, flavouring and a dessert or popping fruit bubbles inside.

For more information or to try bubble tea yourself, why not plan a visit to one of our stores?! Locations