About Us

We're a Friendly Bubble Tea & Milkshake Bar that loves Fun, Friends, and lots of Flavours
Fun & Games

Fun & Games

There's never a shortage of fun to be had! We've got Old School games, and Classic Console games to keep you and your friends entertained.
Will you be the next Jenga champion? Or will you be racing for first place in Mario Kart?
Bubbly Bobaristas

Bubbly Bobaristas

Our Bobaristas are here to help you find your perfect Bubble Tea & Milkshake, and with Free Samples - it's even easier to find your perfect flavour!
We're super friendly, so don't be shy if you need a little help!

Big Selection

We love creating new flavours, and at Bubble Boba it's all about the selection!
We've got Sophisticated Milk Teas, Tropical Fruit Teas, and a Great Selection of Milkshakes.
You should totally come by and try our Luxury Cheesecake Milkshakes!
Even better - there's tons of toppings, and flavour customisation to make your perfect drink!